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Urban Gardens and Landscapes

Consultation by Email

Gardini offer a free consultation service, whereby we will recommend what plants and planters would suit area.
We require a photo of the area, aspect and wind exposure guidelines, we will draw up a plan layout with furniture and planter selections. It is also a good idea to suggest a style which compliments your interior - modern, traditional or a colour scheme you prefer.

Email us your pictures and details here


If you have a very large area you want to fill with plants and furniture and would prefer Gardini to call out and survey - take measurements, wind, aspect etc... we do offer a call out survey service, we charge €100 for the call out and subsequent design which will come off the total if you order with Gardini, but we do require a minimum spend of €500 to discount the €100. Alternatively we can give you the design and specific plant and compost types if you would liek to try it yourself?

Please email us or call us on 087 7505185 and we can arrange a survey

Special Orders

We have matched plants and planters we believe match well together, we cannot offer all plants in all containers online, but if there is a particular plant you would like in a container please email us and we will send you a quote.

Alternatively if there is a plant that we don't have in our plant collection and one you would like, please email us and we will quote you.

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NB: Please note that Gardini cannot take responsibility for your plants once they have been delivered and signed for. We will be online to advise at any stage and will send regular watering and feeding email reminder.