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A one stop shop for your Balcony Garden,
Patio, Yard, Urban and Rooftop Gardens
garden balconies  & urban gardens
We create Gardens for:
  • Balconies
  • Patio/Terrace
  • Housefronts
  • Roof Tops
  • Yards
  • Showhouses
  • Show Apartment

    Examples of how Gardini can transform your space

    Below are some examples of how plants and foliage can really improve the outside of a building.
    How they complete the picture of a real home, and make it look lived in, cared for and proud of.


    Gardini create gardens in any area and solve problems often arising in regards to privacy on Balconies.


    Transform your front door with Plants and Shrubs and bring joy to your life every day..


    We can create a Garden anywhere, and we love a challenge!


    We cater for all levels of gardeners, from beginners to experts and those who want no work atall.


    Let us create a garden on your rooftop, use all the space you have and enjoy the outdoors.

    Fiberglass Troughs with Olive trees and Lavender


    With 4 simple planters, you can transform a bare area and bring colour and life into any place.

    Quadro Window Boxes with Buxus


    As space is a premium in Dublin, quite often balconies are very close to each other. Gardini can provide instant Privacy in the form of a fully grown hedge or row of trees.

    SHOWHOUSE - Interior

    Because we have modern and traditional planters, we can cater for any style of interior design and match your style perfectly.

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