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Bamboo in containers - perfect for balconies, yards and patios

Plant Details

Bamboos are grasses with woody stems offering attractive, lush foliage that can be used to add a tropical effect to any garden or balcony, ideal to create privacy in an apartment or exposed patio.

our Bamboo can reach up to 1.5meter in height, this will create a real feature in your area and privacy if required or can be used to hide a wall. Bamboo does require regular watering and we recommend that it is not put in a place with high amount of wind exposure, please consider your balcony before purchasing Bamboo.


It is very important with bamboos in containers not to let the soil dry out as the soil in the containers will warm up much more quickly than in the garden and also dry out quicker, plus the bamboo’s water loss will be much higher.

The container bamboos must be watered more frequently than those in the ground! A daily watering during our hot dry summers is highly recommended! Adequate drain holes are a must, Gardini always ensure there are proper drainage materials and holes in each of our planters.

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Bamboo can be used indoor also, stunning in corners of rooms to bring a modern interior to life or in office spaces, to bring the outside in.
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Quadro with Bamboo with Ivy Bedding used in a Dublin Ground floor apartment, to create privacy from the path.